North Alabama
1757 US. Hwy 31. Athens, Alabama.


                                                           Dottie the Greeter                                                      






                                                            EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY AFTER  8 P.M.                                                          

                                                            WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO TEXTS

                                                            We would be glad to make a reservation for you.
                                                            Calling is best but if you want to send an email.

                                                             The following information is needed:

                                                            *Last Name:

                                                           *Type of Rig:

                                                           *Arrival Date:

                                                           *Exit Date:

                                                           *Estimated time of arrival:

                                                           *Cell phone number:

                                                           Please note:

                                                          EXIT 354 is the correct exit.
                                                          First drive on the right at the end of the ramp.

                                                         Cash or Check only. (No credit cards accepted)

                                                         Thank you,
                                                         Wes Calvin
                                                         Northgate RV Travel Park